By: WGAE Non-Fiction    November 15, 2016

Yesterday, despite the rain, over 65 TV freelancers and supporters picketed A&E headquarters in Manhattan. This spirited action is one of the largest, public actions in Nonfiction TV history.
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People in the industry are no longer willing to accepting low pay, lack of adequate healthcare options, unsafe working environments, and unsustainable schedules for such an extremely profitable industry.

The chants included: “Fantasy Budgets for Reality TV”,
“Hey there, A&E / How about this for reality?”, and
“Leftfield/Low Pay/No We Won’t Go Away.”

Why A&E? – They are the biggest network client of Leftfield. ┬áIn the ongoing negotiations, Leftfield laid blame squarely on television networks for controlling the economics of making nonfiction shows by paying low fees, thereby forcing Leftfield to propose extremely low, sub-standard pay rates for their employees.

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