By: WGAE Non-Fiction    March 16, 2017

Networks and production company executives are making millions, and our business is a very profitable one.  Those profits are a result of our hard work and creative ideas. We must remember that those profits are also generated by increasing our workload and our hours worked while at the same time not paying overtime or providing paid time off for the extra hours that we work.

Our campaign to raise standards is working to change this. We have had some success recently. Thanks to the hard work of the Organizing Committee and other activists in the WGAE campaign, the Attorney General recently ruled that True Entertainment must pay $411,000 to dozens of former PAs and APs. However, we know that long hours and unpaid overtime continue to plague our industry. We have continued to hear reports of unpaid overtime violations. We cannot let the networks off the hook on this.  Today we put A&E on notice regarding wage theft and overtime violations at an important client of theirs: Leftfield/ITV.  

If you worked at any ITV owned company: Leftfield, Sirens, Loud, High Noon, Diga,  we want to talk to you about continuing to get back pay for the hard work and long hours that people in the industry put in. Take a moment to fill out this form.

We are uniting to stand up to the networks and the production companies so we can get our fair share. The more of us engaged in this campaign, the stronger we will be.