By: WGAE Non-Fiction    April 5, 2017

Our movement to raise standards across the nonfiction television industry is strong and growing. We keep winning union elections, beating legal challenges, gaining benefits and more.

We are making historic progress, and that means improvements are soon to come across the industry; the reasonable things we’re asking for like health insurance, overtime pay and safety standards on shoots are within our reach. What we need to do now to keep the momentum up is … to take lunch.

Yes we can!  — it’s just lunch … on one day!   In what other industry is it unheard of to take lunch?? So in a display of how utterly reasonable the things we are asking of our employers are, we’re calling on everyone in our industry to take a lunch break at 1:30pm on Wednesday, April 12.  

If you can get there, the WGAE is sponsoring a meetup in Bryant Park at 42nd & 6th. The union will provide lunch so we have time to meet up and chat. And there will be food for thought, too from a special guest!!

If you can’t make it to Bryant Park, please take lunch anyway from 1:30 – 2:30 on April 12th

This is a chance to show that we’re together in the fight for better working conditions. When management at multiple prodcos look up and realize everyone’s gone for lunch, it will send a strong message:  we’re united, we’re organized, and together we are powerful.

It will especially send a message to the companies who are deliberately thwarting progress at the bargaining table after we won union elections fair and square.  They are proposing absurdly low minimum rates (looking at you, Leftfield!) or dragging their feet on negotiating at all (hello, Peacock!).

So come out for lunch! Enjoy free food, inspiring rhetoric, togetherness, and a show of strength. And all you need to do is decide to take lunch!

With respect and hope for the future,

Your friends and colleagues on the Industrywide Organizing Committee