By: WGAE Non-Fiction    May 15, 2017

This past weekend the Writers Guild hosted a packed first day of a two-day showrunner training for nonfiction television. The training was designed for producers who are trying to make the leap to showrunner and was developed and led by six experienced showrunners. The instructors participated in an opening plenary and then facilitated small breakout groups, covering everything from pitching to staffing to budgets.

One participant said the training was “awesome, eye-opening, educational and inspiring! It really met a need in the industry and on a personal level.”

The Writers Guild hosted this event because we’ve heard repeatedly over the course of the organizing campaign that professional development opportunities are hard to find. People in this industry don’t typically stay at any one job for too long, making it a challenge to identify a clear path to advancement. This training was part of a much larger effort by the WGAE’s industry-wide committee to identify areas of the industry where the Guild can make a difference.

Our plan is to continue to provide this type of programming, and we want to keep track of the interest level in the community. If you’d like to participate in a training like this or get active in our events committee, let us know!