By: WGAE Non-Fiction    October 31, 2017

The Writers Guild of America, East has been negotiating with television production companies ITV and Leftfield, seeking a contract that would protect pay minimums, health benefits, working conditions, and basic provisions such as grievance and arbitration and union security. These union protections are standard for the scripted part of the television industry. Why should nonfiction producers deserve less?

As we continue to push back and fight for fair contracts, nonfiction employees are again enjoying the solidarity of their unionized counterparts in scripted television and film. Click the link for a recent Deadline article about the 300 well-known WGA members who have come out in support of their WGA colleagues at ITV.

There’s still more you can do to demand these standards. We’re asking union allies, fans of ITV shows, and people working in the nonfiction television industry to sign a petition urging ITV CEO Brent Montgomery to agree to fair union contracts.