WGAE Non-Fiction

ITV ACTION (5/12/2014) -- Writers Guild of America, East Executive Director Lowell Peterson (far left) and AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre (in blue shirt) stand with WGAE members and workers outside ITV Studios.

PEACOCK ACTION (2/21/14) -- Delivering petitions to MSNBC hosts, asking them to support their colleagues at Peacock Productions.

15 NOW MARCH (4/15/15) -- Writers Guild marches with other media workers unions in solidarity with fast-food workers at 15 Now! march in New York City.


April 7, 2016

Producers Gather to Demand Changes In Nonfiction Industry

4/6/16: Producers from across the New York nonfiction TV universe gathered tonight to endorse a campaign with five key demands of the nonfiction TV industry. 

February 9, 2016

ITV Settlement: Employees Get Money, Bargaining To Resume

2/1/2016, Variety:  A long-running labor dispute between ITV and the WGAE has resulted in a settlement that will enable the two sides to return to the bargaining table. ITV, which produces The First 48, agreed to settle a case brought against it by the National Labor Relations Board. The guild had alleged that ITV violated…

October 19, 2015

Ink Master Live Finale picketed by WGAE

NEW YORK, NY (OCTOBER 14, 2015) – The Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) led a picket and protest at the live finale of Spike TV’s INK MASTER, which is produced by Original Media, the nonfiction production company recently found to have violated federal labor law by failing to negotiate in good faith with the…

October 19, 2015

Victory at Leftfield!

Cementing the call to improve standards across the nonfiction/“reality” television industry, writer-producers at Leftfield Entertainment, the largest nonfiction production company on the East Coast, voted nearly two-to-one to unionize with the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE). Leftfield, which is owned by the UK-based media conglomerate ITV, created the hit nonfiction shows PAWN STARS and…

September 2, 2015

Filed for a Union Election at Leftfield

We are pleased to announce that we have filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board on behalf of the production employees at Leftfield Entertainment to have a secret ballot union election. Over the past several months we have met with hundreds of Leftfield employees and there is overwhelming support to form a union…

August 30, 2015

Why We Are Organizing at Leftfield

Dear Colleagues, We are happy to report that there is overwhelming support for forming a union among freelancers currently or recently working at Leftfield. This is an important moment. As many of you know, the main goal of this campaign is to organize a union across the industry. The more production companies that unionize, the…

August 26, 2015

Discovery CEO Gets “Survival Kit” From Non-Fiction Producers

Video NEW YORK, NY (AUGUST 21, 2015) – Union representatives delivered a “Non-Fiction Producers’ Survival Kit” to Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav to mark the enormous contrast between his generous $156 million pay package and the extremely difficult conditions endured by the men and women who make shows for his television networks at production companies…

August 25, 2015

POYNTER: Who’s the leader behind the union moves at Gawker, VICE and Salon?

Journalists at Gawker Media, VICE and Salon are now brothers and sisters with comedy writers on “The Daily Show” and those crafting scripts for anchors on mainstream network broadcasts. Of course, they might wince slightly at being lumped in with those others. But they’re...

June 29, 2015

VARIETY: Writers Guild Renews Deal with Optomen

The Writers Guild of America East has negotiated a new three-year contract with Optomen Prods., a specialist in  nonfiction programs for cable television networks. Optomen shows include “Kevin McCloud: Escape to the Wild,” “One Bad Choice,” “Mysteries at the Monument,” “Mysteries at the Castle”...

Photo: AFL-CIO Blog
June 23, 2015

AFL-CIO BLOG: Show Solidarity with Ink Master Workers

We want to see your pro-labor, pro-worker and pro-union tattoos! Share your labor-friendly tattoos on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #InkMasterUnion to show solidarity with the men and women who make the hit TV show “Ink Master.” If you don’t have a tattoo,...